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Welcome Family, Friends, Fans and Associates of Rock And Roll Heaven …

For those of  you who do not know me, my name is Mason Ramsey and I am delighted to see you here, as we continue work in the development of a community that re-culminates in the great awakening of American culture and enjoy the entertainment, information, education and knowledge of a glorious past to the future of a new cultural mainstream. We are the ones, you and I who are holding onto the memories of a once forgotten era, we are here to bring it all back the present world! We have lived in a generation being considered as … ‘One of Best Generations’ ever to have experienced the era and music as it unfolded but now is … unfolding.

There are millions of people, not only here in the United States of America, but in the world who have always considered America and its way of LIFE, something greater than anything in the Universe itself. To have lived and experienced decades of ‘Kick Ass’ music through all genres including, Rock and Roll … has become something that millions of people would like to once again experience for themselves in the future.

Being able to revisit the past in our minds, while living in the presence … is something America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment Network is working to accomplish through our web site platform in collecting the memorabilia while creating a ‘Real Time’ connection to one another … who love the very same things that we do.

Step into our world, we’re happy to have you here.


Rock And Roll Heaven

About Us

America’s coast to coast entertainment network

America’s Coast to Coast Entertainment Network, the parent company of JST KLSX and RockandRollHeaven.com, is a new company focused on redefining the cultural mainstream of corporate music and publishing by bringing the focus back to serving the community.  Our goal is to bring people together through entertainment, publishing, activism, and encouraging them to giving back to their community.  While our radio station is up and running, we are still in the setup phases and working to become an accredited 501C 3 nonprofit entity.

If you share our interests or would like to know more about us, please click below for more information.

Mason Ramsey

My Story

Mason Ramsey’s career beginning Oct 9, 1974 as a radio and entertainment professional; Mason has become a polished writer, producer, director, novelist, and an ‘On Air Personality,’ writing, voicing and producing hundreds of radio and television commercials.


Former host of America’s Coast to Coast Oldies Request Show (Saturday Night at the Oldies) and Juke Box Sunday Night for the Jones Radio Network. Heard nationwide on approximately 130 affiliate stations.


Author: Mason’s first book is based on the events surrounding the murder of his younger sister Donna. His second novel, “Bodies in the Bay,” becoming his first book published is currently looking for a production company to make the feature into a full-length motion picture. Mason's third Novel, “The Mile High Murders” is almost completed.


Worked extensively in Radio and Television as on air host, writer, producer, director, account executive, and photographer. Including WTVT-Channel 13 in Tampa, Clear Channel Denver, KXKL-KOOL 105FM Denver, and Hit Radio 100 and KUAM in Guam.


Mason’s mantra is; “Life is the best experience, and experience is the best teacher,” ‘I just wish someone would give me the diploma!’


certified scuba diver and underwater photographer