New Beginnings from an ICONIC PAST. It is mind boggling when a person can sit down and ‘give it a think’ on how things seem to come together, when they are so many of the mysterious and unknown possibilities in a near distant

1On Thursday the 15th of September Charlie DeGueso, II finally showed up at our studios with George Galfo (The Mystics) and Stan Prinston (The Flamingos) although living only fifteen miles from us, Charlie is listening to the ‘lying GPS Voice’ who slingshots them to Gainesville, Florida, while Richie Merrit (The Marcels) and Joe Rothenberger (Videographer) with our IT / WEB developer Joe, Angelina and wife Judi wait in the studios.

2While Ken Brady (The Casinos) was not able to make the first meeting, it was such an experience in coming together with these original Rock and Rollers to begin working on an AD Campaign that has already been in the works for more than a year it seems.

The musical talent and singing expertise of these legendary artists, only ensures the quality and professionalism of any project as being … nothing but a stellar project in the making!

From a primary perception in stepping back and looking in as I have done all my LIFE; watching the entertainment and publishing world slide by while rubbing briefly with ‘that world’ briefly on the edges is something that a lot of people do not have the opportunity to experience, and it is truly exciting3 to be an active participant.

Perhaps that is why I unconsciously wandered into the industry all those years ago, and slowly began ‘waking up’ over time only in realizing that people like Charlie DeGueso, II was walking some of those parallel lines when he mentions Dolly Parton and Mel Tillis who were the very first two artists, I brushed by on my first night in radio back in 1974.

4The same holds true not only with Richie Merrit, Stan Prinston and George Galfo but also Joe ‘Fozzy’ Angelina who just happens to also have some of those coincidental happenstances that seem oddly familiar in life, when he came to this planet in the same year as I started my own career but shares some of those ‘odd circumstances’ that are seemingly bringing people closer and together in the ‘Quantum World’ or as some people refer to it as the ‘Ether’ or in GOD’S alignment.

However, it is being perceived in our physical reality, once we begin to pay attention to those subtle connections, there is no mistaking that there is a greater plan afoot!5

I realize how much I enjoy the ‘MUSIC for the AGES’ that began even in those years when I was in the other ‘Womb’ and finally emerged into this ‘Room’ back in 1956. It is obvious these legendary artists who are in our Ocala, Florida studios have the same love, as it shows in their own passion and enthusiasm for LIFE and the music.

6The ‘Vibrational Frequencies’ and patterns of music are as harmonious as the ‘Nature’ of the world around us and even more so in the relationships that we encounter in
‘Space and Time.’ I apologize, but I just cannot help myself when I think about this world and LIFE that we are living in as it swirls around each of us … as individuals and, connecting with one another.

There are so many wonderful memories recorded in the ‘Akashic Records’ of the universe that bounce from the ‘Yin’ and ‘Yang’ and there’s no doubt; anyone and everyone who may be reading this may have missed out in ‘grasping’ all those times and experiences, each of us have lived through and experienced, whether they want to recognize it or not!

Yet, we can reach out and keep it ‘Center Stage’ from the past, present, and future in the ‘Great Awakening’ in raising our very own consciousness.

My wife Judi and I are honored to be in this new project with these well renowned artists, singers, and musicians as we continue keeping their music as part of our quest in bringing JST KLSX a 24 / 7 stream to greater heights in a new and emerging cultural mainstream.

Just remember this, in grasping our concept of embracing ‘MUSIC for the AGES’ for a newer and continuing generation of listeners “If you have never heard a tune from those days, it’s new to7 you!” The only thing anyone must try and embrace … is a primary perception and suspend any notion that the past is ‘the past’ … it’s

The ‘Past, Present and Future’ exists, at least from my perception … all at the same time! If you think about it … we are living it every single day of our lives … “Right Here … Right Now!” (See I told you!) The music is not as antiquated and or out of date as you may think.

We continue working on not only the music and programming, but also creative projects including promotional and charitable ventures that will give our company, station and programming the character and personality people are so longing for in the moment.

Feel free to reach out and send us any comments, suggestions or requests through our email, chat, studio line if you like. [email protected] – (352) 421-9733 – we would love to hear from each of you and hope you would love to be a part of a ‘Wonderful Dream’ that is unfolding daily.

“Feel the Spirit … and Catch the Feeling!”

“See Ya On The Radio!”

Mason Ramsey







Well, it’s been a long time since I have actually been able to sit down and write a ‘blog’ for our station, – in fact, I don’t believe I have written anything since 2018 or even early as 2017, after I began removing all of the previous ‘blogs’ from the internet, mainly because our lives were in such a ‘State of Flux’ it was hard to even fathom what was actually happening at the time, much less try and keep up with the rising tide we were facing … but we made it through those times.

It was in January 2020 that Judi and I decided to leave the state of Colorado and move our home and business to the Sunshine State.

We arrived in late June of 2020 after successfully closing out more than twenty plus years of living in Aurora, Colorado, and … we couldn’t be more enthusiastic about making that decision.

While it’s already July 2022, we have made significant progress aside from having to deal with the external issues heaped upon the world in March of 2020 that began at the onset of our exodus from Colorado.

Our journey with this company began much earlier in our lives, but the actual on-air date began on December 30, 2006, which is incidentally the day they ‘Hung Saddam Hussein’ and my ex-wife’s birthday, so it’s a hard day to forget. Although I never knew Saddam Hussein, I can say that my ex-wife and I are friends after all those years of evolving into a ‘sensible’ human being and coming to terms with the way things ‘went down,’ but I will tell you … it wasn’t easy, but I learned a great deal.

And so, here we are starting fresh, although we’ve been constantly working to hold and maintain our dreams, desires, and goals for the future for years. Yet, I have changed my thinking over those years … a lot in fact … to where I’ve stopped saying that ‘Good things are coming’ when I am now of the mindset, they will never get here if I keep thinking ‘it’s coming’ when the past, present and future are already “Right Here … Right Now!”

There really is no other way to look at it, other than … we have to realize or must come to a conclusion that in this world, all things are connected and there is no such thing as accidents or coincidences, or at least … not in GOD’S realm.



When I can find time, I do read a great deal and constantly looking to expand my horizons when it comes to the physical world, where we currently find ourselves. Although I am constantly annotating the books I read, I find that they give more insight into the historical and scientific realm of our physical realty that drifts into a ‘Spiritual’ realm or the relations to the sub-conscious mind or the unknown communications that are revolving around us daily, hoping at best to continue this journey leading me to something greater than I have ever experienced, and happier than I could possibly imagine.

Seeing the world spread out before me, has taken me back to other memories, when such great things happened, yet I was too young to really understand what was happening at the time, all the while ‘Riding that Wave’ and never fully understanding the significance of the circumstances at the time.

Now, here we are in Ocala, Florida and we have set up our studios to continue withACCEN-Coast-07-28-2022 forward with our internet / publishing platform. While we have administratively set up the administrative paperwork’s governing the State of Florida and of course the IRS, we have also set up the NOT-for-PROFIT 501 (c) 3 charity in moving our efforts in ‘Paying it Forward’ with AMERICA’S COAST to COAST ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK while also working toward the acquisition of local terrestrial station with ALL AMERICAN STREAMING, Inc. (You can do a records search with the Secretary of the State of Florida)

Our engineer from IHEART radio, Dominic Bond has now been working with us for the last couple of years and has recently installed the BRAND-NEW digital equipment in the last month, which will allow us to effectively move into the position we’ve been projecting since those days of ‘me’ working in satellite radio.
And, I know things are starting to improve after we were finally able to enlist a confident ‘Joe Fozzy’ an IT / Engineer who has already been progressively taking a positive approach in the upgrade of our web platform here on

If you’ve been on our site, you can see that we have a lot to accomplish, but you can also see that vast improvements are taking place, and this site is going to be totally awesome!

JST-KLSX-JukeBox-07-28-2022In the radio signal itself, I hear something even more engaging as the site itself. If you listen to our stream, you can feel the rhythm, but it’s a constant work in progress.

We have a couple of subscribers, Dave and Beverlee Woodruff and Chris Neville who are helping us in our efforts monthly, but we do need your support as we continue moving forward.

Our efforts to get where we are today, also could not have been possible without those people like Dave and Mary Smith, Christine Daniel, Bill (Willie D.) Santo who have generously put forward a few finances to get us ‘Rockin’ … or from Steve Creaturo whose submitted hundreds of tunes along the way or even that of Dennis Minardi’s efforts who would step in from time to time helping with our seemingly endless computer problems. But also, in the countless listeners who believe not only in our dreams, but a format that will ‘Last an Eternity!’

You can see the NEW changes on the front page, where you can also send a request that comes right to our email address. You can also leave a comment, message, suggestion or even a request on our studio line (352) 421-9733 – Just tell is who you are, where you are and what’s on your mind and then sit back, relax, and enjoy what’s coming your way!

If you stick with us — the plans we have been working toward, are everything you can imagine in what radio was like and can be again.

We would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to reach out in one fashion or another. We’ll always do what we can to make it as engaging and creative as possible.

To get a ‘Feel’ for the stream, people have been leaving it on all the time. When you do, you become a little more connected … and it feels good!

[email protected]
[email protected]

Don’t Worry About The Mule Going Blind

Don’t Worry About The Mule Going Blind

If you have in your LIFE, never heard of the Southern Expression “Don’t worry about the mule going blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going,” well, I’m sure that you have never heard the one, “Stretched tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel!”

Don’t worry about the mule going blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going

It’s that Southern Razor sharp witticism’s of my mother, that has possibly put those thoughts of “Seeing is Believing, but, not seeing, and still believing…is one of the hardest tests of Faith” into my consciousness. Although, I do feel her feelings come from the Classic Roots of a Heritage steeped in the Old Timey Religion of Christianity…from way down South…but I still think the mule has a line attached to his DUMB ASS no matter where he thinks he’s going!

The point is: After reaching this stage in my LIFE, I do know that it really is a matter of faith, but…it also comes right down to making things happen according to each individual’s own passion’s and desires, according to the WILL of a HIGHER calling. The reason I say this, in this manner, is only that; I am consistently going drawn to follow through with the near coincidences that seem to be crossing my path. I spoke with April Love (C.A.S.T. Productions) today as much as Jacqueline Giroux (Global Film Productions)Laura Bryan and others, but, it was April Love who brought the Movie project, Bodies in the Bay another step closer. We have already decided to begin CASTING for some of the roles, by using dialogue from the novel to give a few Florida talents, we’ve spoken of, on a few occasions…an opportunity to show their intensity and ability to portray these horrific scenes. The women, and young women who are going to be in these roles, will be depicting a devastating inhumanity to not only women, but to innocent victims who fall prey to unsuspecting evil in the form of “Man” succumbing to their “Own” selfish and twisted nature.

The actresses picked to represent these victims; must be able to reach deep within themselves enough – to make an AUDIENCE walk away with a sorrowful and everlasting impression that will follow ‘them’ for the rest of their lives. I know that, from reviews from young female readers of the Novel, they have said to me, “Mason, reading your book, has left me feeling more aware of the dangers of meeting kind strangers.” And, it’s not only young women readers, but readers of all ages and gender who have said the same things, “I couldn’t believe how reading this book, made me feel like I was right there…watching it unfold before my very eyes.”

To me, I think that is what I would like to render from the making of this movie. I don’t want people thinking that: they are there just watching a story based on a the true story of a mother and two daughters who were murdered in this most heinous manner, I want the audience to feel as if it really were happening; right there, right then, right now, and they, the audience are there watching it unfold, as if it were happening to them.

Likewise, the role of the perpetrator must as equally be played by someone, unafraid to be forever associated with such a devastating role. Granted, in the movies, there have been some very stunning performances, however, in an effort to make this story as Dynamically and as realistically as possible, those actors and actresses will no doubt have to be…extremely convincing and emotionally charged, hanging any Spectators between Heaven and Earth.

April has already taken it upon the project to gather a mother and daughter team, that have no real Inhibitions, knowing that the message of the story is really teaching those (and others) about listening to their intuitions. After all, I’m a firm believer in Christ; I know it’s the Holy Spirit that speaks to us all if we choose to listen. Most of us do not!

I would like to be on location and the movie sets in Tampa, Florida in July, August and September, taking advantage of the season. April whole-heartedly agrees with me, that this timetable would work well. It may be that John Salter, Stephanie Cattell, Tony D’Angelo, Stevie Cre, Frank DiLeo, Laura Bryan, Jackie Giroux, Sparky and Barbara Miller, Jack Baby, DeAnn Lawson, Sharon and Shaylan Neville will also be ready to set their clocks to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.

So, in reaching back to my Southern Roots, and that Classic Rock and Roll Feeling, I might have a Blind Ol’ Mule, and I’m holding on to the line…but, I feel pretty sure that; those aforementioned individuals just to name a few, should seriously know they are the ones helping me in keeping that DUMB ASS Mule on the right path.

If I believe, and I can convince those with the same desires, that we are the “Ones” to make it happen…Donald Trump’s high falutin’ business apprentices have nothing on us. “I’ve seen the program, and I’m confident ‘We’ can do much, much better. Hmmm, I think I smell a bunch of carrots.”

“Man, I just realized! I might be that DAMN BLIND MULE!


Top 10 Secret Southern Sayings

2009 – The Most Wonderful Dream

I am not a banker, nor am I a lawyer, but I have taken on the system in working toward a business that requires the expertise of at least these two professionals, and at least a few others who would and could do things that even a banker or a lawyer wouldn’t have a clue … only because they don’t have the expertise.

So what’s the problem? The professionals themselves … and I’m certain that I’m no different, although I want to believe that I could be the one who would make a difference.

It was the very first day of the year 2009 and I had one of the most wonderful dreams that I have ever had in such a long time … and it was so realistic. While, I was turbo charged from the evening before, and the last day of 2008 with the thoughts of always wanting to ‘make something happen with this business’ … but, I’m not sure it had anything to do with radio, television or any purpose of business, but the business of this LIFE itself.

The important thing! I believe it to be a sign of things to come. I don’t want to get into the details or explicit nature of this dream even as it had nothing to do with anything sexually, but it did have everything to do with the meaningful relationships between not only myself, but that of a wonderful woman, whom, I do not even know … and a man, that I have no idea who he was or even knowing how he was involved with the relationship, aside from causing me to laugh uncontrollably, and introducing me this mystery woman, who I spent all day with, but who later turned and walked out of my LIFE, only to to return the next day with loving and open arms … because she said, “I cannot stop thinking about you and want to be in your LIFE.”

It may have been symbolic … since I had the feeling off ‘Being’ so totally in LOVE that it was an overwhelming feeling of becoming more complete upon her return … and then I woke up.

When I did wake up … I kept saying over and over, “That was one of the best dreams that I have ever had in such a long time.” And while I have had dreams of flying and those other feel good dreams, this ONE dream left me with that feeling of believing that ‘Good things’ were going to be … clearly in my future.

Perhaps it may have been inspired by a comment from Marlee Harrison who has constantly been as supportive from Indiana as have others like Dotty Albritton and numerous others, like Christine Daniel or Bill Santo as much as my wife Judi who have been following the slow progress of this ‘Radio Idea’ … but, as I responded to Marlee’s supportive e-mail about another Internet radio station, she made the comment, ‘Mason, don’t hang up the headphones yet … it’s going to happen.”

We started out more than two years ago and I’ve been believing that it will … and for even more than those two years, but it becomes a forever and a day effort to get these things accomplished. Just ask Christine or Judi when they hear me complaining. However, I say the same thing over and over again, when I look around and see so many possibilities while the ‘Splash of water bounces in slow motion’ at the top of that instantaneous ‘shot’ – knowing … there is more water flowing into the bucket (at least in my mind).

And even as it may seem as that I may be some bi-polar effects happening from the constant ups and downs of trying to get it ‘off the ground’ … it runs the gamut of any shock wave when it comes to setting off any explosion, or even creating one. For me, this is nothing new, its just recreating an industry in an economic period where most people can not take a chance of being involved unless it means they ‘Get their Cookie.’

My hypothalamus is pumping and the Dopamine levels are still not diminished. The Adrenaline may be a little low, but I refuse to believe that I’m not, STILL IN LOVE with the idea of believing there is something very exciting around the corner. I just may be needing to take a breather … until that mystery woman shows up, arm in arm with the man who seems to be a force who also believes the world may be in need of a GOOD laugh. For some reason … I think it had to do with the recreation of entertainment radio and our movie. Anyway, it’s what I want to believe … and it just made me feel that good. So I’m still not going to ‘Hang up the headphones’ just yet … but keep my eyes open for the People who will make the difference. That little droplet of water at the top … is just another ‘Moment in time.’

But, when those people come to me … when we’re on that upper level, I promise to be as nice as they were mean to me … and even be nicer by saying,“You’ve really got to make sure you pay your dues, so you can really appreciate all of that effort you’re putting into it … just in making it happen.” I’ll make sure that I’ll be the ‘first’ one to congratulate them on a ‘Job Well Done!”


Mason Ramsey