Hi, my name is Elliot Felde and I love
watching movies, listening to music, researching a host of many
things online where I read, write and BLOG about those things in my
LIFE. You can visit my blog at
perhaps follow some of those things going on in my LIFE.
At the moment, I am listening to a radio station that I have been
listening to for a number of years called Just Classics with unique
call letters JST KLSX. Of course, this is an online internet station that
I became aware of more than a number of years ago, through a friend
who was a member of a chat room’ of an iconic singer from the 60’s
and British Invasion group called Hermans Hermits whose lead
singer was Peter Noone.
It was on that web site where people were chatting about and where people were being treated to the classic hits
of Hermans Hermits and Peters music through their requests, where I found out that I have a
love not only for the music of Hermans Hermits and Peter Noone, but a serious love for a great
many of the Oldies where I am finding new things almost every day listening to Just Classics
and I am only just a tad over 30 years of age.
The thing I like about ‘Just Classics’ is the wide variety of music they play, while I can join in the
chat room with other people from all over the world, to interact and discuss whatever is going
on in mine or their lives.
What is cool about the chat room is the music that is playing while the people are chatting about
the various things in their lives. While the music may seem to be playing automatically, it is
apparently being programmed to also play the people’s request who are not only in the chat
room, but from all over the world, which I think is awesome.
My favorite genre of music is the oldies, and even though I am young, Mason Ramsey who has
been developing this website calls me an ‘Old Soul’ because of my age, but because I really love
the music as oldies, and so he calls me ‘YOUNG ELLIOT’ … where he is constantly introducing
new music, which really is much older than I am. Mason has told me on more than one occasion;
“Young Elliot, remember this … if you’ve never heard a song before regardless if it’s more than
60 or 70 years old, it’s a NEW SONG to you!”
If you think of it like that, it makes a lot of sense, because it really is a brand NEW SONG because
I really have never heard it before!
So if you step outside of what others have told you and listen to the music as if it came out the
day before youve heard it then it really is something new and wonderful. I never really
thought of it like that until Mason said; Its all in how you perceive in your thinking.”
I really like this station and have been listening for a very long time on and off, and know that it
seems like it is something new but familiar to me, and I like that. It gives me a feeling as if I have
a lot of new friends to talk to and share my thoughts and feelings with them. So, when I was in
the chatroom a few days ago, Mason Ramsey asked me if I would like to write an article for their
new blog in sharing my thoughts and feelings on what I liked about Just Classics and I thought
it would be a great idea because I can share it on my personal blog too.
In closing, I would like to thank Mason Ramsey for asking me if I would like to write an article on
my thoughts and feelings, because I would like to see
continue to grow and become what I hear Mason Ramsey talking about when I am listening to
the music and in the chat room. I think it is going to be even more exciting.
If you would like to read or follow my blog, you can also click on the link here:
Thanks to Mason Ramsey who gave me this opportunity in writing an article for Rock and Roll
Heaven. I hope you like it, so please let me know if you do like my article.