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Hello Rock and Roll Family, Friends, Fans and Associates of JST KLSX (Just Classics) … Welcome!

We have finally been approved by the IRS as an accredited 501 c 3 charitable organization, and look forward to a great many things from our past, present and future ... all at once. We are looking for enthusiastic supporters who are willing to help others though our organization.

We are happy to see you here, as we continue working in the development of a community of like-minded people, who enjoy the entertainment, information, education and knowledge of a glorious past blended into the future of a new cultural mainstream. We have a lot of work to accomplish and look forward to you being here, and contributing your time and efforts in being a major part of 'THE GREATEST DREAM EVER!

Our format and web platform highlights the memories and memorabilia beginning in the 1940’s, and blending into the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s and today’s Music.

So in answer to the question; “What Decades Are The Decades That Turn You On?” We will feature every decade as we blend the content of history and memorabilia into the music and current mainstream of today’s topical music, information and entertainment.

We have lots of dreams and aspirations for the future, by remembering more than seven decades of wonderful music and memories. Step into our world, we’re happy to have you here.

Weekly Features


3-7 PST

Radio's Wild West Wednesdays

Radio's Wild West Wednesdays (RWWW) – Country music programming that encompasses a wide genre of music that leads from the very beginnings of the classics. "MUSIC for the AGES steers the program on a creative musical path each and every time.


3-7 PST

Friday Night Feeling

Friday Night Feeling (FNFL) –  Music program of ‘This and That’ with a "MUSIC for the AGES" willing to engage an audience from ‘ALL WLKS of LIFE’ Covering varying degrees of music! We are working on keeping it real and personal, with a live personality willing to engage an audience on many levels.


3-7 PST

Saturday Night At The Oldies

Saturday Night at the Oldies (SNATO) –  a Music program of primarily the 70’s and 80’s with a Hodge podge of 'MUSIC for the AGES that will be engaging an audience from ‘ALL WALKS of LIFE’ and willing to 'CATCH the FLOW' of music while embracing the 'FEEL' and WARMTH of an NEW SOUND for a loving audience.


3-7 PST

Juke Box Sunday Night

Juke Box Sunday Night (JBSN) – We play all the best music from the early 60’s!  This is modern music history 101.  Listening to the tunes in their original form which inspired some of the greatest musicians of our time!

All The News That's Fit To Print



New Beginnings from an ICONIC PAST. It is mind boggling when a person can sit down and ‘give it a think’ on how things seem to come together, when they are so many of the mysterious and unknown possibilities in a near distant

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Well, it’s about time | Enthusiastic in 2022

Well, it’s about time | Enthusiastic in 2022

Well, it’s about time since I have actually been able to sit down and write a ‘blog’ for our station, – in fact, I don’t believe I have written anything since 2018 or even early as 2017, after I began removing all of the previous ‘blogs’ from the internet, mainly because our lives were in such a ‘State of Flux’ it was hard to even fathom what was actually happening at the time, much less try and keep up with the rising tide we were facing … but we made it through those times.

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Don’t Worry About The Mule Going Blind

Don’t Worry About The Mule Going Blind

If you have in your LIFE, never heard of the Southern Expression “Don’t worry about the mule going blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going”, well, I’m sure that you have never heard the one, “Stretched tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel!”

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