Good Things on the Radio – Internet Radio

Good Things on the Radio – Internet Radio


Hi, my name is Elliot Felde and I love watching movies, listening to music, researching a host of many things online where I read, write and BLOG about those things in my LIFE. You can visit my blog at if you care to perhaps follow some of those things going on in my LIFE.
At the moment, I am listening to a radio station that I have been listening to for a number of years called “Just Classics” with unique call letters … JST KLSX. Of course, this is an online internet station that I became aware of more than a number of years ago, through a friend who was a member of a ‘chat room’ of an iconic singer from the 60’s and British Invasion group called ‘Herman’s Hermits’ whose lead singer was Peter Noone.
It was on that web site where people were chatting about and where people were being treated to the classic hits of Herman’s Hermits and Peter’s music through their requests, where I found out that I have a love not only for the music of Herman’s Hermits and Peter Noone, but a serious love for a great many of the ‘Oldies’ where I am finding new things almost every day listening to ‘Just Classics’
and I am only just a tad over 30 years of age.

The thing I like about ‘Just Classics’ is the wide variety of music they play, while I can join in the chat room with other people from all over the world, to interact and discuss whatever is going on in mine or their lives. What is cool about the chat room is the music that is playing while the people are chatting about the various things in their lives. While the music may seem to be playing automatically, it is apparently being programmed to also play the people’s request who are not only in the chat room, but from all over the world, which I think is awesome. 

My favorite genre of music is the oldies, and even though I am young, Mason Ramsey who has been developing this website calls me an ‘Old Soul’ because of my age, but because I really love the music as oldies, and so he calls me ‘YOUNG ELLIOT’ … where he is constantly introducing new music, which really is much older than I am. Mason has told me on more than one occasion;
“Young Elliot, remember this … if you’ve never heard a song before regardless if it’s more than 60 or 70 years old, it’s a NEW SONG to you!”

If you think of it like that, it makes a lot of sense, because it really is a brand NEW SONG because I really have never heard it before! So if you step outside of what others have told you and listen to the music as if it came out the day before you’ve heard it … then it really is something new and wonderful. I never really thought of it like that until Mason said; “It’s all in how you perceive in your thinking.”
I really like this station and have been listening for a very long time on and off, and know that it seems like it is something new but familiar to me, and I like that. It gives me a feeling as if I have a lot of new friends to talk to and share my thoughts and feelings with them. So, when I was in
the chatroom a few days ago, Mason Ramsey asked me if I would like to write an article for their new blog in sharing my thoughts and feelings on what I liked about ‘Just Classics’ and I thought it would be a great idea because I can share it on my personal blog too.
In closing, I would like to thank Mason Ramsey for asking me if I would like to write an article on my thoughts and feelings, because I would like to see continue to grow and become what I hear Mason Ramsey talking about when I am listening to the music and in the chat room. I think it is going to be even more exciting.
If you would like to read or follow my blog, you can also click on the link here:
Thanks to Mason Ramsey who gave me this opportunity in writing an article for Rock and Roll Heaven. I hope you like it, so please let me know if you do like my article.
Don’t Worry About The Mule Being Blind

Don’t Worry About The Mule Being Blind

If you have in your LIFE, never heard of the Southern Expression “Don’t worry about the mule being blind, just take hold of the line…the mule knows where he’s going,” well, I’m sure that you have never heard the one, “Stretched tighter than a gnat’s ass over a rain barrel!”

It’s that Southern Razor sharp witticism’s of my mother, that has possibly put those thoughts of “Seeing is Believing, but, not seeing, and still believing…is one of the hardest tests of Faith” into my consciousness. Although, I do feel her feelings come from the Classic Roots of a Heritage steeped in the Old Timey Religion of Christianity…from way down South…but I still think the mule has a line attached to his DUMB ASS no matter where he thinks he’s going!

The point is: After reaching this stage in my LIFE, I do know that it really is a matter of faith, but…it also comes right down to making things happen according to each individual’s own passion’s and desires, according to the WILL of a HIGHER calling. The reason I say this, in this manner, is only that; I am consistently being drawn to follow through with the near coincidences that seem to be crossing my path. I spoke with April Love (C.A.S.T. Productions) today as much as Jacqueline Giroux (Global Film Productions)Laura Bryan and others, but, it was April
who brought the Movie project, Bodies in the Bay another step closer. We have already decided to begin CASTING for some of the roles, by using dialogue from the novel to give a few Florida talents, we’ve spoken of, on a few occasions…an opportunity to show their intensity and
ability to portray these horrific scenes. The women, and young women who are going to be in these roles, will be depicting a devastating inhumanity to not only women, but to innocent victims who fall prey to unsuspecting evil in the form of “Man” succumbing to their “Own” selfish and twisted nature.

The actresses picked to represent these victims; must be able to reach deep within themselves enough – to make an AUDIENCE walk away with a sorrowful and everlasting impression that will follow ‘them’ for the rest of their lives. I know that, from reviews from young female readers of the Novel, they have said to me, “Mason, reading your book, has left me feeling more aware of the dangers of meeting kind strangers.” And, it’s not only young women readers, but readers of all ages and gender who have said the same things, “I couldn’t believe how reading this book, made me feel like I was right there…watching it unfold before my very eyes.”

To me, I think that is what I would like to render from the making of this movie. I don’t want people thinking that: they are there just watching a story based on a the true story of a mother and two daughters who were murdered in this most heinous manner, I want the audience to feel as if it really were happening; right there, right then, right now, and they, the audience are there watching it unfold, as if it were happening to them.

Likewise, the role of the perpetrator must as equally be played by someone, unafraid to be forever associated with such a devastating role. Granted, in the movies, there have been some very stunning performances, however, in an effort to make this story as Dynamically and as realistically as possible, those actors and actresses will no doubt have to be…extremely convincing and emotionally charged, hanging any Spectators between Heaven and Earth.

April has already taken it upon the project to gather a mother and daughter team, that have no real Inhibitions, knowing that the message of the story is really teaching those (and others) about listening to their intuitions. After all, I’m a firm believer in Christ; I know it’s the Holy Spirit
that speaks to us all if we choose to listen. Most of us do not!

I would like to be on location and the movie sets in Tampa, Florida in July, August and September, taking advantage of the season. April whole-heartedly agrees with me, that this timetable would work well. It may be that John Salter, Stephanie Cattell, Tony D’Angelo, Stevie Cre, Frank DiLeo, Laura Bryan, Jackie Giroux, Sparky and Barbara Miller, Jack Baby, DeAnn Lawson, Sharon and Shaylan Neville will also be ready to set their clocks to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity.

So, in reaching back to my Southern Roots, and that Classic Rock and Roll Feeling, I might have a Blind Ol’ Mule, and I’m holding on to the line…but, I feel pretty sure that; those aforementioned individuals just to name a few, should seriously know they are the ones helping me in keeping that DUMB ASS Mule on the right path.

If I believe, and I can convince those with the same desires, that we are the “Ones” to make it happen…Donald Trump’s high falutin’ business apprentices have nothing on us. “I’ve seen the program, and I’m confident ‘We’ can do much, much better. Hmmm, I think I smell a bunch of carrots.”

“Man, I just realized! I might be that DAMN BLIND MULE!

Henry Gross – A New Treat

Henry Gross – A New Treat

If there were any of you listening on the radio last night, which would have been Thursday night the 29th of this glorious beginning of the New Year 2009, you would have heard a brand new song called: ‘If you were mine again’  by Henry Gross.

It was early in the morning that I had received an e-mail from Henry who is recording in Naples, Florida and said, “Mason, thanks for all of the encouragement, and remember you cannot do it alone.”

Although some very sage advice to me, Henry was also referring to his collaboration with one of his dearest friends, Garry Tallent who is best known for being the long time bass player in Bruce Springsteen’s, E Street Band who will be performing in the Super Bowl this weekend.

Henry was up until the wee hours of the morning working on that new CD, after Garry suggested a change in a line on one song called “Hope Springs Eternally” because Garry didn’t feel as if it worked, and so Henry took that advice and completed the song, which he says turned out great.

In light of ‘Our’ up coming special on my interview with Henry, I had been listening and editing the special, and felt compelled to send a message to Henry because … I kept hearing the passion arising from those segments, and hearing him talk about the business of being in music, and sometimes how hard the pitfalls can be … but, I kept hearing about the friends who he counted on and who really believed in him. It felt as if he were a kindred spirit, knowing it was just as likely to be radio / broadcasting that he was talking about. 

Henry Gross, musician outside the Greyhound bus station in Jackson Tennessee USA ~2007

There is something about this guy, Henry Gross who doesn’t stop making music because the record execs won’t let him in, or is easily deterred about the business of entertainment, because he already knows what it is going on … and he’s going to “break on through to the other side” no matter what.

It isn’t that Henry Gross hasn’t already made his Bones, because he has. I already KNOW and feel that Henry has SO much MORE to offer that ‘this Corporate America’ is not picking up on … and that is GOSPEL.

And there are so many other talented artist that are being ‘Type casted’ because the business side of America is so afraid of change. It’s the same about radio … so it feels to me as if they are intertwined. It’s what I’ve BEEN WHINING ABOUT in RADIO. I’m a Baby Boomer too and “I LOVE THIS STUFF” and the CLASSICS! C’MON!

As a token of his gracious and generous personality, Henry sent me ONE of his brand new songs, ‘If You Were Mine Again’ that my administrative assistant Christine Daniel, who immediately picked up on my enthusiasm … gleamed a ’bit’ line from a Mike Meyer’s movie, saying, “Well Mason Ramsey, I think Henry Gross just gave you a little bit of that MO JO back to you!”

And brother did he EVER! Henry sent me a copy of an original song that has NEVER BEEN heard on any radio station or the Internet, and WE were able to play it FIRST. To me that is exciting stuff!

Let me tell you exactly how it made me feel: Just LIKE the Days of when a Disc Jockey had the opportunity of being the first one in America to ‘Break’ a record into the mainstream … and BOY DID THAT FEEL LIKE … I WAS THE S**T! And it didn’t stop there … the ballad made me think of the soundtrack for the Movie project that I have been forever and a day wanting to complete, based on the story I wrote those many years ago called Bodies in the Bay. Music and Movies just go together and it only makes sense, and if I ever had an opportunity of using great music to tell a story, I know what I would do … no doubt.

Let me wrap this up by saying; Henry Gross is a very talented and gifted singer and songwriter … and deserves as much credit to be a part of the “New Cultural Mainstream” as do the others, who have put in their time and are still working the ‘Oldies’ circuit doing the material they’ve become known and famous for, but have also been writing and creating NEW stuff that needs a starter home, before it becomes a NEW COMPLEX of radio stations who will finally be catching on to the New Fever … I want to think it started here on JSTKLSX and with this NEW philosophy. Sure there are hundreds and thousands of Internet radio stations, but I really believe we’re going to be at least the ONE who may make a difference. Henry Gross said, “Mason, you can’t do it alone.”

Amen Brother! I’m on the “Revolutionary Road” and I need soldiers, without a doubt who have been already freezing without their shoes in the Valley of the Forge. (I know … it’s Valley Forge  … but think about it) We’re being hammered into the MOLD HERE!

Mason Ramsey

Who Knows Where Radio Is Going

Who Knows Where Radio Is Going

In deciphering radio, or entertainment in this crazy world: it really does remain subjective to the observer; and why I find it … squirrely!


I have been traversing a career that has been swinging like a Coney Island roller coaster ride which started more than twenty years before I ever realized: I was going to be riding those rickety rails.


There is not so much to broadcasting that it doesn’t remain inherently simple. But when the simple-ness becomes mired in the muck … because there are so many people to please … and to please not an audience, but a stagnate pool of broadcasting executives, who regale in turning a beautiful lake into a dead swamp, full of stagnate programming; it becomes infected with the cold blooded predators who thrive on those who wander through the terrain.


I think I have it figured out, but the main problem is not an audience … it happens to be the old guard who stand watch over the Corporate Wall of “Lets play it safe, and don’t rock the boat” for fear of falling out of the skiff, and into those murky waters.


Inasmuch as I feel as I have been cast aside by Corporate programmers, and labeled as “An Outsider,” “A Cantankerous Rebel” or “A Rogue Pirate” I have nothing but desire in accomplishing a program desirous of the ‘Masses’ across the World, who long for the ‘Good Ol’ Days of fun radio.


It can be done, when we establish a few Great Radio Stations willing to stand the course and stand behind a new wave and breed of the Old gents … who continue to hold onto a tried and true philosophy in spreading that freedom … while we ‘feel and blend’ the spirit of the greatest music in our Universe! I know it can be done … and with the faith … it will.

2009 – The Most Wonderful Dream

I am not a banker, nor am I a lawyer, but I have taken on the system in working toward a business that requires the expertise of at least these two professionals, and at least a few others who would and could do things that even a banker or a lawyer wouldn’t have a clue … only because they don’t have the expertise.

So what’s the problem? The professionals themselves … and I’m certain that I’m no different, although I want to believe that I could be the one who would make a difference.

It was the very first day of the year 2009 and I had one of the most wonderful dreams that I have ever had in such a long time … and it was so realistic. While, I was turbo charged from the evening before, and the last day of 2008 with the thoughts of always wanting to ‘make something happen with this business’ … but, I’m not sure it had anything to do with radio, television or any purpose of business, but the business of this LIFE itself.

The important thing! I believe it to be a sign of things to come. I don’t want to get into the details or explicit nature of this dream even as it had nothing to do with anything sexually, but it did have everything to do with the meaningful relationships between not only myself, but that of a wonderful woman, whom, I do not even know … and a man, that I have no idea who he was or even knowing how he was involved with the relationship, aside from causing me to laugh uncontrollably, and introducing me this mystery woman, who I spent all day with, but who later turned and walked out of my LIFE, only to to return the next day with loving and open arms … because she said, “I cannot stop thinking about you and want to be in your LIFE.”

It may have been symbolic … since I had the feeling off ‘Being’ so totally in LOVE that it was an overwhelming feeling of becoming more complete upon her return … and then I woke up.

When I did wake up … I kept saying over and over, “That was one of the best dreams that I have ever had in such a long time.” And while I have had dreams of flying and those other feel good dreams, this ONE dream left me with that feeling of believing that ‘Good things’ were going to be … clearly in my future.

Perhaps it may have been inspired by a comment from Marlee Harrison who has constantly been as supportive from Indiana as have others like Dotty Albritton and numerous others, like Christine Daniel or Bill Santo as much as my wife Judi who have been following the slow progress of this ‘Radio Idea’ … but, as I responded to Marlee’s supportive e-mail about another Internet radio station, she made the comment, ‘Mason, don’t hang up the headphones yet … it’s going to happen.”

We started out more than two years ago and I’ve been believing that it will … and for even more than those two years, but it becomes a forever and a day effort to get these things accomplished. Just ask Christine or Judi when they hear me complaining. However, I say the same thing over and over again, when I look around and see so many possibilities while the ‘Splash of water bounces in slow motion’ at the top of that instantaneous ‘shot’ – knowing … there is more water flowing into the bucket (at least in my mind).

And even as it may seem as that I may be some bi-polar effects happening from the constant ups and downs of trying to get it ‘off the ground’ … it runs the gamut of any shock wave when it comes to setting off any explosion, or even creating one. For me, this is nothing new, its just recreating an industry in an economic period where most people can not take a chance of being involved unless it means they ‘Get their Cookie.’

My hypothalamus is pumping and the Dopamine levels are still not diminished. The Adrenaline may be a little low, but I refuse to believe that I’m not, STILL IN LOVE with the idea of believing there is something very exciting around the corner. I just may be needing to take a breather … until that mystery woman shows up, arm in arm with the man who seems to be a force who also believes the world may be in need of a GOOD laugh. For some reason … I think it had to do with the recreation of entertainment radio and our movie. Anyway, it’s what I want to believe … and it just made me feel that good. So I’m still not going to ‘Hang up the headphones’ just yet … but keep my eyes open for the People who will make the difference. That little droplet of water at the top … is just another ‘Moment in time.’

But, when those people come to me … when we’re on that upper level, I promise to be as nice as they were mean to me … and even be nicer by saying,“You’ve really got to make sure you pay your dues, so you can really appreciate all of that effort you’re putting into it … just in making it happen.” I’ll make sure that I’ll be the ‘first’ one to congratulate them on a ‘Job Well Done!”


Mason Ramsey