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Elvis Presley


His Story

Elvis Aaron Presley, was an American singer and Actor.  Elvis is to this day regarded as one of the most significant cultural icons of the 20th century.  He is often referred to as “The King Of Rock and Roll” or simply “The King”

Birth date: January 8, 1935
Death date: August 16, 1977
Birth place: Tupelo, Mississippi
Birth name: Elvis Aaron Presley
Father: Vernon Presley
Mother: Gladys Presley
Marriage: Priscilla Beaulieu May ’67
Divorced: October ’73
Children: Lisa Marie, February 1, 1968
Military service: US Army, 1958-1960

Elvis is the best selling solo artist of all time, charting hits in multiple geners incuding pop, country, blues and gospel.  He is a 3 time grammy winner and has been inducted into multiple music halls of fame.  He holds the records for most RIAA certified Gold and Platinum albums.

“To this day Elvis Presley remains the best selling solo artist of all time with sales estimates ranging from 600 million to 1 billiion”

– Leonel Wasim

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Career Highlights

Grammy Awards

Nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and and won three. Also received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Seven of his recordings are in the Grammy Hall of Fame.


He stared in 31 feature films and two concert documentary films



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