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lis·​ten·​er |  ˈlis-nər, ˈli-sᵊn-ər 

One who listens to someone or something

You’re always there listening, now is your chance to get involved and make your voice heard.  Join the listener chat below  and connect with us. pther listeners and fans around the world.

Listener Chat


Listener Chat


Enjoy our free listener chat, interact with others who are enjoying JST KLSX just like you. You can ask questions of our staff and moderators as well. We want to hear from you! Tell us what’s going on in your life and we’ll keep providing the soundtrack for you to live by!

NOTE: Chat logs are archived and cleared every day
Latest message: 4 minutes ago
subscriber LisaD : 👀👋☺2022-09-26 20:05:28
moderator Joe Fozzy : Sent you a text2022-09-26 15:52:31
moderator Joe Fozzy : Working on the twitter feed2022-09-26 15:52:23
bigboy Mason : Wasssup?2022-09-26 15:37:43
bigboy Mason : on the phone with Dominick in Denver ...2022-09-26 15:37:32
moderator Joe Fozzy : I'm here2022-09-26 15:10:54
moderator Joe Fozzy : Hey2022-09-26 15:10:50
subscriber LisaD : Good Morning, hope everyone has been well, busy day here for me I may not be on much until later tonight but listening in as I can 🤗2022-09-26 08:46:52
visitor ROCK AND ROLL HEAVEN - CHAT ROOM : Welcome to the Chat! Today is a new day and here is a fresh new chat!2022-09-26 01:16:14

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Listener Chat

Welcome to the brand new Rock And Roll Listener chat room. This room is for our patrons to discuss any topic related to Rock And Roll Heaven music and the music we play. Also, topics like Indie Music, artists and industry is also welcomed. We also do realized that there will always be social discussions and we certainly welcome them, however our moderators will be monitoring for any unreasonable level of behavior that may be deamed as directly threatening to others.

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